Villa Rosa – La Casa di Lella

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Dear Guests, welcome to Villa Rosa La casa di Lella..

We all know that one place, person or experience that touched your heart and you can’t just forget. But how many of us have dreamed, even for just a moment, of enjoying a different life away from the city?

Villa Rosa, your delicious escape. Where food, the art of cooking and drop-dead gorgeous nature meet.

I am happily opening my own home, restaurant garden & professional kitchen for you. Revealing my secret heaven, which I adore so much.

Already looking forward to sharing my skills and knowledge with you in a fun and casual atmosphere in the warm environment of my beloved family.

With love,


  • Your gastronomic dream

  • A surrender of the senses

  • Between the sky and the sea

  • A journey through the heart of Italy

  • Guided by Peppe Guida

    your private Michelin Star Chef from Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa

  • At Villa Rosa

  • I wait for you!